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Pro Curb  Decorative Concrete,  LLC

Founded in 2006, our skilled team of craftsmen can transform ordinary boring gray concrete into works of art.  Serving the Aiken, South Carolina and Augusta, Georgia areas, our products run the gamut of decorative concrete.  We can install decorative concrete landscape borders in your landscaping to define areas, as well as keep mulch in and grass out of planter areas.


Our concrete Overlay System will transform any existing interior or exterior concrete into any design you can ask for.  We can make your surface look like tile, brick, flagstone and even make it look like hardwood flooring!  There are virtually unlimited coloring choices available and no two look alike for a truly unique design for you


For the most amazing interior flooring that is sweeping the world, you must look at our stunning "Reflector" floors.  These floors are seamless and surprisingly affordable.  They are perfectly suited for retail stores, residential living spaces, malls, show rooms, garage floors and any other area that you want the "Wow" factor.

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